The Company, ICODEL S.r.l was founded in 2003 and the main principle focus of its activities is in the field of Civilian and Military Electronic Communications.  
The experiences deriving from market presence, technological expertise and the highly specialised personnel, enabling the Company to offer a range of services with high level management,  providing “turnkey” electronic systems and in outsourcing High-tech equipment and competitive prices .

ICODEL Srl. is a modern company, consciously working in a  highly technical field which is in continuous evolution as well as constantly planning for its employees training courses aimed at safety in the workplace and improving the technical skills

ICODEL Srl. has towards its Customers visible and transparent politics on work activities with continuous monitoring of activities carried out.

The factory, which covers 950sq. mt,  and the registered office are located in a building situated in the Industrial area in the town of APRILIA (Latina, LT) at Via Pontina Vecchia No. 189.

The Company, ICODEL Srl., provides a comprehensive set of activities ranging from design and prototyping of electronic assembly, testing and repair of boards with SMT and THT technology for military and civilian equipment.
In particular, ICODEL S.r.l. is able to perform the activities of study, design, implementation, testing and installation of:
-    Civilian and military communications systems for transceiving both clear or encrypted voice and data with conventional (Radio HF/VHF/UHF)  vectors or satellites that are either fixed, on board or mobile (transportable trunks for rapid deployment) configurations;
-    Rack and Shelter containing what is necessary for the activities of the mission (equipment and/or radio) which also include the use of fiber-optics and RF cables;
-    Power distribution panels (Power Distribution Unit, AC Distribution);
-    Distribution units and control signals (active or passive Patch Panel for data/voice/radio-frequency/fiber optics), synoptic panels that are necessary for a system with local and/or remote control possibilities;
-    Details required for the integration of a system (derivation boxes, distribution panels, mechanical support such as tables, consoles and antenna supports).

In this context, ICODEL Srl is able, at the request of the Customer, to provide all the documentation supplied with the product, such as Wiring Diagrams, Mechanical Design, Material List, Testing Documents and Manuals.