Collaudo e Riparazione Icodel s.r.l. Collaudo e Riparazione Icodel s.r.l.


Among the activities, which ICODEL Srl would not miss above all is to ensure the quality of the finished product: The Testing
ICODEL Srl can boast about the level of the professional staff and quality of equipment used for this purpose which were proved evident and highlighted in their ISO 9001 2008 Quality and Safety Certification.
Any out-going product from ICODEL Srl is accompanied by a Test Record and a Certificate of Compliance confirming the positive closure of the production cycle to guarantee (*ensure) that all the customer requirements (*demands) are fully met.


Among the objectives of ICODEL Srl is the Customer’s satisfaction, which guarantees loyalty by the latter towards the company.
As such, staff will be responsible for the immediate repair of failures of boards and equipment of civilian, military (avionics, naval and terrestrial), electro-medical and rail. The product is delivered with a certificate certifying the repairs which were carried out and the product is in good functioning order.