The Company believes that an integrated management system is an indispensible (essential) element to respond satisfactorily to the increasingly rapid changes in market demand, for the ever-changing user needs, community standards and security requirements increasingly felt in today’s society.

It also believes that the integrated management system certification is increasingly a requirement in order to be considered valid in the free market of today, reliable suppliers who are actively involved in security issues.
The Management has long considered product quality and attention to safety and hygiene at work are the key points on which business management should base on in order to pursue the satisfaction of customers and other interested parties.

The ICODEL Management has defined a policy for quality and safety as its fundamental principles and distinctions:
- The fulfilment of contractual product requirements, customer expectations at competitive prices and a level of quality which confirms the confidence enjoyed in the market;
- The achievement and development of advanced production standards, optimized quality and cost, characterized by high production reliability;
- The maintenance of integrated management system compliance for quality and safety towards current legislation;
- The definition of specific quality and safety objectives, consistent with the policy and subject to measurement and review;
- The continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the integrated management system;
- Appropriate increment of profit and turnover;
- The knowledge and the sharing of principal ideas for the quality, well being and security for all staff;
- The extension of health and safety requirements also to contractors and self-employed workers;
- The adequacy of personnel competence, equipment resources and organizational standards;
- An office environment favourable to the commitment of quality development and the respect of health and safety requirements;
- The application of adequate tools to control direct and indirect risks, in order to prevent any type of accidents or near miss;
- The continuous improvement to job safety and health conditions.

The Management of the Company is committed to achieving the objectives deriving from the quality and safety regulations policy and therefore ensures the provision of adequate resources and their continued active involvement.
The Management, through the Management Representative, has the responsibility to ensure that all Company activities are conducted in accordance and in line with the adopted integrated system.
The Management Representative ensures that the quality and safety policy adopted is understood, implemented and sustained at all levels of the company with appropriate intervention, such as press and awareness meetings.
This Quality and Safety Policy is revised in the event of changing business strategies and however appropriate when applied to new demands for improvement: the natural position for systematically assessing its suitability is the periodic review of the integrated management system by the Management.
The Policy for Quality and Safety is spread out at all levels through communication and sectorial meetings during which all the objectives arising from the policy adopted are discussed.