Rack Quadri Elettrici - Icodel s.r.l.

Rack and Electrical Panels

ICODEL Srl has a strong tradition, deriving from the past expertise of its employees in the design and construction, both mechanical and electrical, of cable racks designed to contain computing equipment or transceivers.
Special care in the design phase, is given to the mechanical study with computerized simulation of the forces acting on the structure, particularly for those products intended for use on board or in the field. Of no less importance is also the way of channeling and extracting air so as to ensure, as per the specifications provided by the Client, a correct and consistent cooling of the equipment contained in the racks.
If planning applications are required by the customer, ICODEL Srl is able to supply all the documentation provided with the finished product such as wiring diagrams, mechanical drawings, material lists, testing documentation and manuals.

Among the activities of ICODEL Srl is that of design and construction of Primary Power Distribution Panels.
For this reason the 19” Rack Units called PDU (Power Distribution Unit) was designed and built for field and naval equipments.
It was designed and built particularly for the latter, a product that through a microprocessor controlled system and a front panel display, allows the continuous monitoring of the state of power distribution of the equipment, possible failure and the temperature of the Rack, activating automatically the cooling fans of the latter if necessary.